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Micro and macro nutrients may not be present in soil enough. Plants can therefore not be fed sufficiently. Most of the time, micro and macro nutrients in the soil are supplemented from outside. These are usually liquid and solid fertilizers. These fertilizers can be organic or chemical fertilizers. They can also be used from drops or leaves.

Fertilizers can be classified according to usage area and fertilizer quantity. Fertilizer production is not very complex. It can be produced with extremely simple methods. For manure production, there is no need for very complex and very technical machines.

If you need any manufacturing formulations and production methods about

liquid and Solid Fertilizer,





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This encyclopedia has many formulas about NPK fertilizers,NP fertilizers,liquid poliar fertilizers, powder fertilizers, granulas fertilizers, calcium and potasium fertilizers, special fertilizers, dripping fertilizers,foliar fertilizers, edta chelated fertilizers, micronutrients fertilizers,macronutrients fertilizers,chelated fertilizers etc.

All chemical fertilizers in the encyclopedia are producible easily.You need no help and no technıcal support. The encyclopedia is enough to produce chemical fertilizers  itself.





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